What is a “Narrative Essay” ?

Read pages 1-14 carefully (the content is related to ‘academic writing’ and various types of ‘essays’) and briefly answer the following questions (in your own words).

What is a “Narrative Essay” ? What are the essential characteristics of a “narrative essay’? Write down a narrative essay on ‘A Visit to Zoo’.

Narrative Essay:

A narrative essay is one in which you tell a story from your own point of view or personal experience, providing specific and emotional information to engage readers and make sense of your point.

Narrative turns a story into information and influences how readers will view it. In other words, the narrative builds your story. Therefore; your storytelling is a form of paper, in which you tell a story using a specific format and all aspects of storytelling.

Characteristics of Narrative Essay:

The story being told is not the same as the short story. It is not a myth. It is still an educational paper, a false writing about a real-life experience. When you write a fictional story, it is no longer a story to be told.

Random, written by first person.

For informational purposes, not to argue or educate.

Describes a person, event, or event by details and chronology.

False, it tells a true story.

Includes parts of the story but follows the structure of the essay.

Narrative essay on ‘A Visit to Zoo’:

It is not uncommon for ordinary people to visit distant forests or famous nature reserves to observe a variety of animals. It is very difficult to see all these animals in their natural habitat. Also, it is very dangerous for people to take their children on safaris in the forest to watch animals, birds, reptiles, etc. So they decided to visit the zoo, and they had a lot of fun watching the various animals in the zoo, and all of them.

There are a variety of animals, birds, and animals kept in zoo cages. Zoos also keep animals of rare species. Many animals and birds are imported. This gives visitors the opportunity to observe such animals and rare species of birds brought in from other lands, which they would never see again. The African lion, the Australian kangaroo, the gorila, the baboon, the zebra, the white leopard, the peacock, the white bear, various parrots and parrots, giant pythons, or giant crocodiles – all of these. Amazing animals from many different places and climates are raised and kept in the zoo.

Zoos actually help save such animals and birds from extinction in the world. Endangered or threatened species are being kept in parks. About a thousand species of animals, birds, and animals are kept in zoos.

These zoos and their care show that humans are deeply interested in animals. One cannot ignore the fact that these animals, birds, reptiles, and animals are part of nature. Humans are exposed to the diversity of life on earth. Visiting the Zoo brings people closer to these living animals. It fosters a fondness for animals and birds. They learn a lot about these animals too. Zoos have a feature of place of importance too. When we as visitors look at a species that has been imported, we learn about how and where these animals live, in terms of climate and habitat.

Zoo care is a fun activity. Animals, birds, reptiles and fish, from foreign climates, must be kept in a safe environment, climate, and temperatures commensurate with their natural environment.

If that arrangement is not properly implemented, these animals will not survive. Tigers or lions need a place for water to cool off in the hot summer.

A gorilla or a baboon needs trees and green land to roam free. All these animals also need to be nourished by their own desires and desires. A leopard, lion, or leopard should be given its proper amount of raw meat in all foods. A gorilla or monkey should be given a vegetarian diet. There are other animals that will be fed to the fish. The python can devour an entire goat so it must be fed properly, without harming any other living creature around it. The zoo needs to have its own medical staff and veterinarians who are trained, effective, and skilled. Sometimes these animals undergo extensive surgery and disease treatment. Everything should be taken care of at the zoo.

We visitors, at times, pose a serious threat to the health of these animals and birds. Out of curiosity, to feed the animals, we throw food in plastic bags to the animals inside their cages. Animals often swallow plastic bags and food. Plastic gets stuck in their gut and causes serious problems, and can even lead to death sometimes. Visitors who come to the zoo, especially children, should be properly directed and avoid doing such things.

Define “Cause and Effect” essay. How it is different than other types of essays? Provide one brief example of a “Cause and Effect” essay.

Cause and Effect Essay

The cause and effect essay looks at the causes of something, and discusses the results. For this reason, articles on cause and effect are sometimes called cause and effect. They are one of the most common forms of organizational writing. Sometimes the whole story will be cause and effect, although sometimes this may be part of the whole essay. It is also possible, especially in short case studies, to discuss only the causes or effects, not both.



The prevalence of pollution in cities is due to the increasing use of vehicles.

As a result of increased car use, pollution levels in cities are increasing.

As a result of increased car use, pollutiori levels in cities are increasing.

The result of the increase in car use is the deterioration of pollution levels in cities.


Cars are used increasingly for urban transport. As a consequence, pollution levels in cities are worsening.

Increased use of cars for urban transport adversely affects pollution levels in cities.

Increased use of cars for urban transport is one of the causes of worsening pollution levels in cities.

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