The plane of the President of Colombia will be used for passenger transportation

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According to global Times news Agency Europe, The head of the state of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has ordered the use of the presidential plane and the fleet of the Air Force to transport the passengers of the bankrupt “Viva Air” and “Ultra Air” airlines. The Global Times Europe reports that the President of Colombia wrote about this on his Twitter page.

Gustavo Petro also said that he refused all trips to use the presidential plane in crisis situations. “Together with the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Administration, we are considering the necessary measures to deal with the emergency situation in the field of aviation,” the head of state added. At the end of February, “Viva Air” company, which performs 15 percent of air transportation in Colombia, announced that it stopped its activity due to economic problems. On March 29, “Ultra Air”, which has an eight percent share in the country’s market, stopped working without any warning. The simultaneous withdrawal of two airlines from the market caused chaos at Colombian airports.

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