A fight broke out between deputies in the Armenian parliament

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According to global Times news Agency Europe, There was a fight between the deputies in the Armenian parliament. “Global Times Europe” reports with reference to “The Jazba Times US” that “Armenia” parliamentary faction said about this. According to information, law enforcement officers removed Mger Saakyan, deputy of the “Armenia” (“Hayastan”) faction led by former President Robert Kocharyan, from the building of the legislative body. Speaker of the Parliament Alen Simonyan was also in the working room of the faction during the incident. Shouts and noises were heard from the cabinet. A. Simonyan gave instructions to remove the journalists from the scene. Hayk Konjoryan, head of the parliamentary faction of the ruling Civil Contract Party, published information about the incident on his Facebook page.

He said that MP Mger Sahakyan from the “Armenia” bloc attacked the chairman of the commission, Vladimir Vardanyan: “During a closed discussion in the Standing Committee on State and Legal Issues of the Parliament, MP Mger Sahakyan from the “Armenia” bloc attacked the chairman of the committee, Vladimir Vardanyan, shot him and ran away after injuring him.” Haik Kojoryan called this incident “shameful hooliganism” and “criminal act” and emphasized that it is important to give it a legal assessment.

It should be noted that the Armenian parliament consists of 107 deputies. 71 deputies are representatives of the ruling “Citizen Agreement” faction. The opposition “Armenia” faction is represented in the parliament by 29 deputies. Its head is Seyran Ohanyan, the former Minister of Defense of Armenia. Another opposition faction is called “I honor”. It is headed by Artur Vanesyan, the former director of the national security service of Armenia. Both factions are supported by the former presidents of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan.

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