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Guidelines For The Successful Interview

You should prepare for the job interview appropriately in order to convey a positive and polished image. You need to consider these steps in order to prepare yourself for the interview.

Step 1 ( To know yourself )

Think about your skills and interests, consider your accomplishment s you’re proud of so that you’re able to communicate all these in the job interview.

Step 2 (To know the employer)

You should do some basic research about the working of the firm and the position it is offering, as well as know the salary range.

Step 3 (To practice for the interview)

Participate in a mock interview with a friend or colleague and prepare interview questions. Also keep in mind the following points.

i-Improve your spoken and body language skills.

ii-Greet the interview appropriately, may be with a firm handshake.

iii-Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

iv-Use positive vocal qualities and facial expressions.

v-Sit straight and listen attentively because these demonstrate your interest and confidence.

vi-Only provide factual, correct and relevant information.

vii-Be as specific as possible.

ix-Don’t expect an offer on the spot.

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