A Laser Strip That Relieves Knee Pain With The Help Of Light

Philadelphia : There are millions of people around the world, including Pakistan, who are suffering from severe knee disease scarcity due to arthritis and are unable to lead normal life. Now a small device not only relieves pain by lighting a special laser but also increases the growth of nerves and natural repair of the body.

Both sides of the KneePlus are fitted with two laser light emitting devices that send specific light deep into the knees. This process is called light therapy with a technical name ‘photomodeolation’. According to scientific research, light therapy can be very useful in many diseases.

It is fitted with a next generation laser that helps in the growth of fine blood vessels, reduces internal inflammation and enables the body to repair itself automatically to correct the defect.

Due to its specific design and magnetic panel, the bandage is wrapped well around the knees and throws light at the right point. This speeds up blood flow around, reduces inflammation and reduces the production of inflammation-causing cytonines.

Similarly, inflammation and swelling can also be reduced due to injury to players or chronic stiffness in muscles. The battery installed in it can be charged frequently. And with the help of Nee Plus, the cost of physiotherapy also decreases.

When this invention was placed on the crowdfunding website, the required amount was funded in just 24 hours, which has now increased to six times. The introductory price of Nee Plus is $249.

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